Things to do


Hike to Chehni Kothi:

  • Chehni Kothi or Fort – locally known as Chaini Kothi, the 11 storeys highest tower in Kullu area is a grand architecture wonder.
  • Constructed for the himalayan King Raja Dadhiya 1500 years ago it came into existence and still has its magnificence maintained.
  • It is a combination of traditional art and advance building technology of that period.
  • The earthquake of 1905 damaged much of its height and what is left is a restored structure which is still a 10 storey tall.
  • Despite of the wear and tear the Kothi speaks for itself, the grandeur attached to it and the architectural skills of the artisans of that times.
  • Picture credit: @atypicaldoc (Manish Dwivedi).



Jibhi Waterfall

 Just 5 minutes away from the road, the walk to Jibhi waterfall is like a fairy tale through arch shape bridges and along the water streams. If you time it right in the morning, you can see the daily rainbow too in the waterfall

Jalori Pass & Serolsar Lake

Jalori Pas & Serolsar lake is just one hour drive from our place. The drive is as beautiful as the view from the top.

Heritage Architecture Villages

No words can describe the beauty of these unexplored villages. You must visit to experience it  personally.   


Out of the never ending list of “Things-to-do-Around”, only a few could be listed here:

~ Waterfall Rappelling      ~ River Crossing ~ Hiking & Trekking        

     ~ Trout Fishing  ~ River Rafting ~Rock Climbing   

~ Bird Watching ~ Bio Diversity Tours       ~ Camping